On Information in Historical Sources

[ Warning: This is published as a blog; it obviously avoids the recommendation of restricting posts to 600 words or less. While I consider the form of a blog convenient to share developing ideas with some friends and colleagues as they arise, I do not follow the blogging spirit. This is effectively a series of lightly written papers. ]

1. Information in general

We live in the information age; nevertheless, when you ask what “information” is, the answers you get are so far apart, that it might have a good chance for the least defined term of the decade. So, if one embarks upon a study of what is different between the kind of information one encounters in contemporary documents and that which is used for historical research, one has to give a definition, or at least a description, of how one understands the term.

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A Digital Ivory Tower

This blog shall document and offer for discussion the progress of a personal research project on the epistemic properties of the kind of information the Humanities – and their historical branches in particular – use, and the requirements for information technology, information science and Computer Science these properties imply. It takes its name from the intention to completely ignore all considerations related to current research politics, fashions and funding.